What is Your Personal Definition of Success?

Many people only want to succeed in one area of their life.  Others want to succeed in every area of their life.  Still others define success monetarily, while even more define success in the materials (toys) they have gathered.  Many women define success solely in their children and everything surrounding them and their success.  While this is noble, they are not giving themselves credit for the many other things that they do and can do.

How you define success can be as different as the sands of the earth.  How YOU define success makes all the difference in the world.

Do you define success in relationships and religion or do you define success in emotional stability and finances?  You are going to define success according to you.  No one else can do this drill for you.  You must decide what your definition is and how to achieve it.

There are seven key areas to measure success:

1. Spiritual

2. Social

3. Mental

4. Emotional

5. Physical

6. Financial

7. Material

In each area you need to define what you consider “success”.  Once you have defined that you can begin to align yourself with your values and goals so that they meet and makes sense.

When you talk about spiritual many people believe that it is a religious definition.  While that is true for many, it may not be true for you.

To properly define your success you must first have set your values.  You can use the resource box below to find how to set your values.  Once you have defined your values, now you can work on your personal definition of success.

These are NOT goals.  They are definitions of success.  Goals will be far beyond this category.

Take each of the categories above and write down what you believe is your definition of success is in each category.