Make Use of a Free Criminal Background Check to Find Out About Your New Neighbor

As children, most of us knew our neighbors. We played with other children our own ages, and our parents often knew everyone else – children or not. Life seemed easier, and in a way, we knew if something was wrong because there was not much of a chance of keeping it hidden. Today, we spend more time away from and wary of our neighbors. Though there are no more ‘bad’ people than there were before, it is more obvious to us that they are closer than we think. If you worry about a new neighbor, you can use a free criminal background search to find out more.

One of the tools that you can use when you have a new neighbor is the sex offender registry. This is something that most states give access to through a web site. You type in where you live and a map comes up and tells you where offenders live in your neighborhood, and what they were arrested and convicted of. The law states all of them must register a new address when they move, but they have so many days to do so. Check again after a month if nothing comes up right away.

You can also find free resources through some state web sites. These are known as incarceration records. What you are going to find is that though most are free, some states require a fee for the information. You should see people who are currently in prison, those that have just been released and are on parole, and those that are free and clear. They should only be very recent records, however.

You can also take someone’s name and put it into a search engine to see if there are any Internet clippings about them, or if they have left any information out there. Though there are many who will not post about criminal activity, there are always news stories that can come up if you use the news option tab. You will have to decide if the stories that come up are about your new neighbor, or someone else with the same name.

You can also use various resources on the Internet that were made just to help you run

. Though you may only get limited information through a free search, there are some things you can find out. If you are really concerned about what you see, you can then pay for more detailed information if you wish.