No Cash? Do Not Worry! Buy Now Pay Later

‘Buy now pay later’ stores have really opened up the avenue for you to enjoy more fun while shopping online. I guess how would you feel when you could not purchase your favorite designer handbag or jewelry for want of fund. But online stores seem to have opened up endless options for you to buy your favorite item and make payments later.

I agree, you might have opted for a frugal living and might have decided not to purchase anything more driven by your uncontrolled shopping spree. But there are situations when you are compelled to go out for shopping irrespective of your pocket – like purchase of gifts, schoolbooks or to attend a celebration party. Under these circumstances, you have no option but to rely on ‘Buy now pay later’ stores.

Before discussing the pros and cons of such stores let me tell you what you can purchase from such stores. The list of items available nowadays for credit shopping is endless. For example, simply think of an item and I am quite confident that there is a store where you can buy it without any payment for the time being. You can purchase accessories, apparels, bed-covers, Furniture, fittings, lighting fixtures, sports gear, jewelry, handbags, music videos, home decor items as well as home appliances – just to name a few. Matter of fact is that there are a number of stores offering credit shopping on myriad of products. Now you have to decide what would you like to buy.

So now you can see that you can purchase nearly anything and everything using credit facilities. A popular choice is ‘Bill Me Later’ as now it is an established, convenient and secure payment method designed for purchasing on the web or over the phone without using your credit card. A fast and comprehensive registration process has made this service one of the most popular online payment options. Many stores have already integrated it as one of their payment options. Barring few complaints about Bill Me Later for turning down customers’ request for a credit payment, it has earned a good reputation so far.

Apart from that different stores offer their own credit shopping facilities like ‘No payment for 90 to 120 days’. Some stores even waive off interest for payments within 90 days. These offers are usually available when you make purchases over some specified amount, which varies from $100 to even $500 or more.

The big word of caution that I must tell you is that despite getting everything in ‘Buy now pay later’ offers it does not make any sense to go on for endless shopping just because you are getting huge discounts or because of available deferred payment options. It is always advisable to prepare a list of items you want to purchase, set your monthly budgets for payments of EMI and then only use credit-shopping facilities. It must not be thrown out of your mind that each purchase you make must going to be followed by EMI bills sooner or later.

In fine, to conclude I must say that ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ offers provide you more flexibility to make deferred payments, and you can even buy costly products using such offers, but you must be using it judiciously applying your sense. Have fun and enjoy credit shopping.