Ohio Birth Records and Birth Certificates Ordering Process

The birth certificate or the birth record is one of the most important documents that you should always have in your possession. In this official document, you will see that it will contain your name, your birth date, your father’s name, your mother’s maiden name, and it will also have information on where you were born. If you were born in the State of Ohio and you lost your birth records or certificates for any reason at all, you will still be able to get another copy of it easily. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the process for ordering or reordering copies of birth records in the state of Ohio.

So, where exactly do you get a copy of your birth records or certificates if you were born in Ohio? If you need a copy of your birth certificate, you will usually need to go to the place that you were born in and request for it in your local registrar. However, thanks to the Internet and computers, requesting a copy of birth records and certificates is a lot easier than ever before. Even if you moved to another state, you will still be able to obtain a copy without going back to the state that you were born in. In Ohio, you will see that everything is computerized.

To request for birth certificates or birth records in the State of Ohio, all you need to do is visit the official Ohio Vital Records website. There you will have the option to either place your order online, provide instructions for delivery of the paperwork and make the required payment. A major credit card should work to make the payment for the documents. If you do not wish to request it online, you will find instructions on the website for how to order your records by mail. This requires sending a letter to the vital records department outlining your request along with a check or money order for the fees required. If you need assistance by phone, you just need to call (614) 466-2531.

You are also encouraged to walk-in to the vital records department at 225 Neilston Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215 to place your order. No matter your choice of ordering whether it is in person, by mail or on the Internet, you can expect three to six weeks for delivery of your documents.

There you have it. It is not to hard to order or reorder vital records such as birth certificates in the state of Ohio. Good luck!