Locating Sites to Do Free Criminal Background Checks

If you’re reading this article, I’m guessing that you’re looking for sites to do free criminal background checks. Maybe you have a new neighbor who is acting suspicious and you think could be up to no good. Or perhaps you’re a small business owners who wants to check on potential employees. Or maybe you’re dating someone new and you want to make sure he doesn’t have a criminal history in his past.

Whatever reasons you have for trying to find sites to do free criminal background checks, I have bad news for you. They simply don’t exist.

Don’t get me wrong, if you browse around the internet you’ll find no shortage of sites and flashing banner ads promising unlimited background checks for free. But let me make this one thing clear: there is always a catch.

You see it’s really not possible to offer background checks for free because it costs money to locate, organize, and store all of the data provided in a background report. The databases these sites run are very expensive to create and maintain so they have to pass the cost along to you in order to stay in business. You may be able to run a basic search for free and receive some vague information without having to pay for it, but you’ll have to pay before you get the information you really need.

For example, there are sites that will let you enter a person’s name to run a criminal background check. They may tell you that the person has a criminal history for free, but they won’t tell you exactly what the offense was unless you whip out your credit card.