Run a Personal Background Check – Get a Detailed History on Anyone

Have you ever seen someone pull up a complete background check on someone? You can find criminal and arrest records, a history of addresses, marriage or divorce certificates, and even a history of violence or sex offenses. A quick search can dig up just about any information on anyone in the United States.

That’s because any public record can be found online when you have access to a county records search. With just a name, you can pull up detailed information on anyone you can think of – your neighbors, your boss, and even your Uncle. It’s a tool that your boss probably uses to find out what kind of history exists on your record.

Alternatively, you can do a Google search on individuals and find some information about a person, but that’s not a guaranteed result. Be sure to use quotes around the person’s name to pull up a more exact match, and enter any additional personal information you may have. An address or middle name, for example, can help.

Otherwise, a criminal records database can bring up some very revealing information that can protect you and your family. If you’re dating, you can find out if a person has a history of violence. If you have a new babysitter, you can find out if they have a criminal record or are a registered sex offender. By having access to these programs, you can protect the ones you love as well as yourself. It’s not only a good idea to use these resources, but necessary for any parent.