Why Background Checks Are Essential For Your Business

In today’s business world, those who have the sometimes daunting task of hiring employees for a business have learned that they must be very careful who they choose to fill a particular position. Times have changed. Years ago, cities and towns were not as heavily populated as they are now, and it seemed that everyone knew each other, or at least knew someone who could vouch for the credibility of another person. Sadly, this is no longer true. Employee screening has become a very important tool to help weed out unsuitable candidates who have applied for a job.

Why are background checks so important? Employers in charge of hiring used to be able to go on their instincts when assessing a potential employee. They could somehow sense whether or not a person would be right for the job. Nowadays, this just doesn’t work. In these days of frequent negligent hiring lawsuits, one just can’t be too careful! If someone is hired and enters the workforce of a company, and his or her actions are detrimental to an individual who also works there, the company can be held liable for any sort of damages this individual may claim. This has the potential to cost a company a lot of money, could cause the dismissal of the person who actually hired the errant worker, and could also ruin the company’s reputation.

If your business has anything to do with children, and your employees come in contact with them, your need for a pre-employment background check increases. With both child abuse and the kidnapping of children on the rise, you must be certain that the person you are hiring does not have any instance on public record of either of these crimes.

Ever since September 11th, 2001, the fear of further terrorist acts has made screening all employees mandatory. People who have worked for the same corporation for years as well as hopeful recruits have found themselves required to undergo intensive scrutiny in order to verify their identity and citizenship.

Business scandals and frauds have made the need for background checks essential for those who are at the top of the corporate ladder. CEOs and other company bigwigs are subjected to intense scrutiny regarding their actions both in the office environment and out of it.

The days of people being completely honest on a job application are long gone. Smart employers know this, and use background checks to attempt to weed out those potential employees who may have filled out the application to inflate their importance, or perhaps even told an outright lie about their previous jobs and/or schooling.

Certain types of jobs definitely require criminal background checks, as Federal and State laws demand that this be done. People whose job description includes working with children, disabled individuals, or the elderly must be carefully checked out. This is such a stringent rule that the FBI has even opened its Crime Information Center database for investigation into the backgrounds of those applying for some positions involving children.

It is now easy to accomplish a through background check on anyone who has expressed interest in working for your company. As more and more information databases have become accessible by computers, the facts you need to know are within your reach at a much more reasonable price than you may have thought possible. You cannot afford to operate a business without knowing what is in the background of the people you hire! The success of your business may depend on the integrity of your employers. Once you see how cost-effective it can be to have background checks at your disposal, you will not want to do without this method of screening potential and/or current employees.